Why Choose Atlantic States Specialty Gases?

Delivery-on-Demand at No Extra Charge                                           
operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year to make sure you never run out of gas.
And, unlike all other gas suppliers, we don't charge a premium for this service

Gas Quality & Product Purity Protection    
ASG's in-house analytical laboratory ensures consistent gas quality and provides NIST-traceable certifications. Gas quality
and purity is also protected by special back-pressure valves on all of our cylinders that disallow contaminants like oxygen or nitrogen to enter the containers after all the gas is consumed. So, you can work without ever worrying about the quality of the gas negatively impacting your  results.

Most other gas suppliers are typically 90% focused on welding supply so they use regular valves.  They may also redeploy their cylinders.  So the cylinder you have in your lab today may have been in a welding shop the day before.  Our containers are 100% dedicated to lab use.

Superior Container Cleanliness & Condition
ASG’s cylinders look like they belong in a lab.  They always look brand new with netting and shrink-wrapped valves.  They’re also delivered in closed box trucks so they’re never exposed to the elements.

Industry Expertise
ASG is laser-focused on providing specialty gases in lab environments for six specific industries—pharmaceutical, analytical labs, biotechnology, high tech manufacturing, environmental compliance/ remediation, and research and development. We are well-versed in the types, purities, and sizes of the gases required for the myriad of applications associated with these industries. Ask us. We'll know and we'll take care of it.

Accurate & Understandable Invoicing
In general, gas industry invoices can be confusing and often inaccurate. Since most gas suppliers address the welding market in addition to your lab needs, they have thousands of product/equipment sku's and pricing levels. So their invoicing is complex. Purchases are often incorrectly identified, discounts are not applied, and/or cylinder counts are inaccurate. This can cost you both time and money. ASG has invested both time and resources to circumvent this problem. We're highly specialized with a well-defined inventory and a customized billing process—two significant reasons why we're recognized for accurate invoicing and precise cylinder tracking.