Never worry about gas grades, sizes,
certifications and supply again.

Pure Gases
Our number one priority is providing the perfect gas for your application every time–no exceptions. ASG offers a variety of pure gases with numerous purity levels. With a combined experience of 70 years in the specialty gas business, Atlantic States Management has designed an inspection and testing program for pure gases that adheres to the most stringent requirements of traceability under the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).Our most common pure gases include, but are not limited to: Acetylene, Air, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Nitrous Oxide.

Mixed Gases
To meet your unique needs, ASG provides high quality mixes with exceptional analytical accuracy and precision. We blend multi-component inert, oxidizing, and flammable component mixes to exacting standards. We can fill and analyze into the low part per billion range and provide NIST-traceable documentation. Industry standard mixes are regularly stocked allowing for expedited delivery, and custom mixes can often be prepared and delivered within 48 hours. These typically include, but are not limited to: two or multi-component mixtures, EPA protocols, environmental compliance mixtures, lasers, analytical instrumentation mixtures, and recyclable/disposable cylinders.

Cryogenic Liquid
To help you safeguard your priceless biological materials, ASG ensures these assets stay cold with cryogenic gases reinforced with 24/7 support to protect against gas run-outs. Our cryogens are packaged in various cylinder sizes and typically include: Liquid Argon, Liquid Carbon Dioxide, Liquid Helium, Liquid Nitrogen, and Liquid Oxygen.

...with Total Gas Supply Management at No Cost.
As a free, value-added service, ASG will monitor your gas usage and replenish when required so you don’t have to check supplies and place orders. We’ll put you on a regular schedule, from daily to monthly, for gas supply management and restocking that frees up your time and guarantees you don’t run out. For more information, contact your ASG rep or email us at